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Freelance Writers- The Rising Career Trend

As the function of the Internet continues to turn toward marketing for a variety of businesses, several new career opportunities have emerged. With this continued evolution, professionals must learn how to stay ahead of the trend curve in order to stay in business. One of the single largest driving forces of online marketing is content. And as more and more content is required to satisfy organizational marketing plans, the opportunity for freelance writers continues to expand.
The Freelance Writing Opportunity- Offline vs. Online Copywriters
There are two primary types of freelance writers; offline copywriters and online copywriters. While the levels of training may be similar and there is some cross over between writing assignments and skill sets required, the compensation and work volume is drastically different between the two types of writers. Offline freelance writers typically focus on advertisements, static website copy, brochure writing, white papers and other marketing materials for print. Most offline freelance copywriters charge by the hour for their work.
Online copywriters while they may be the same individuals as offline freelance writers, typically charge per piece or per 100 words and are more focused on bulk output on a weekly basis. Due to the demand of online copywriting, many freelance writing opportunities have been created for individuals looking to change careers, who have little to know experience writing or editing. Overall, the demand for copy is on the rise, for both offline and online freelance writers to complete.
The Latest Freelance Writing Trend
Because demand is high, there is a high volume of freelance writing work available. Freelance writers can search for available work on international freelance sites, through local classified ad postings and on national sites such as Craigs List. While some freelance writers will gain regular writing work from a small niche of clients, most work on small, short term projects obtained through these various sources.
The Largest Challenge Faced by Freelance Writers
One of the largest challenges faced by freelance writers is marketing for new clients. As in any business, the skill set alone is not enough to generate a successful, long term revenue stream. In fact, most business owners fail not because they are not excellent at their given trade, but because they are unable to generate enough revenue through the acquisition of new clientele. A freelance writer must be able to balance their schedules, deadlines and time spent focusing on market in order to generate the levels of success desired.

By Adam Herschkowitz
Get Freelance Writing Jobs, Contributing Editor

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