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Find an outlet to express yourself with your career.As a freelance writer you will write content for various different employers without having a long term employment status. Being a freelance writer, you will work with numerous different employers who will provide you with topics to write your content about. The topics will be diverse, which will provide you with work assignments that are ever changing so that your work does not become bland or boring for you. Freelance writing is a very rewarding career in the aspect that it gives individuals the opportunity to have a creative outlet, as well as an outlet for expression.
Be creative to earn an income
As a freelance writer, there is a competitive nature to the work. For instance, most freelance writers join freelance work websites that enable them to bid for work projects. Employers who need content written will choose writers with more experience, creative content, efficiency, among other factors. Working as a freelance writer allows you to earn as much as you want, since you bid on your own work. If you can produce a few content assignments in an hour that do not compromise quality, you will ultimately be able to earn more income if you decide to take on more work. The income of freelance writers varies drastically; this is because some individuals do it for a living while others only do freelance writing on the side. The amount of work, as well as the price per article will effect how much income you generate.
You can create a flexible work environment
Another great thing about freelance writing is that the majority of individuals work from the privacy of their own home. Freelance writing also provides writers with the option to create their own hours. For instance, when you bid on work you are given a deadline to complete the project. As long as you have the project completed prior to that particular deadline, you do not need to fret. You are able to have flexible working hours and work when you want as long as it enables you to still meet the deadline requirements. Some individuals work a regular work week by working Monday through Friday and taking the weekend off. This is done by working on projects continuously throughout the week and having a large workload during the week. Once the writers finish this work, they take the weekend off before they begin bidding or working on any new projects.

By Neil Whitehall
Get Freelance Writing Jobs, Contributing Editor

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